Admission to the Program in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Students applying to the Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences (PPS) program may pursue a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics or a Ph.D. in Pharmacology. We DO NOT offer a Master’s degree in either discipline at the present time.

Applicants are expected to have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy or related sciences. In addition, those applying for the Pharmacology degree track must have taken 3 credit hours of advanced human physiology and 3 credit hours of biochemistry before admission or during the first graduate year.

The application deadline for Fall 2015 admission is January 31, 2015.

The online application system will go live on October 1, 2014. Please check back soon for the link and updated instructions. 

(Adobe Reader required to view/download PDFs; download free Reader here.) 

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If you have further questions, please contact:

Vanessa Lockett
Graduate Programs Office Manager
Department of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Houston, Science and Research Bldg 2, Rm 521
Houston, Texas 77204-5037
Phone 713-743-1222