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UH Students, Faculty Member Garner Travel Awards to EB 2013

Graduate Student Project Receives Honorable Mention in Molecular Pharmacology Division

Houston 05-03-13 - UH College of Pharmacy pharmacology graduate students as well as a pharmacology faculty member and her undergraduate lab mentees received competitive travel awards to support their attendance at the Experimental Biology 2013 (EB2013) meeting April 20-24 in Boston, Mass. 

EB is the joint annual meeting of the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) and the British Pharmacological Society.

In addition to the travel awards, UHCOP pharmacology graduate student Vaidehi J. Thanawala received an Honorable Mention for her project entitled "The role of biased signaling by beta-blockers in the development of asthma phenotype in murine model." Her coauthors were fellow graduate students Gloria Forkuo and Nour Al-Sawalha and and faculty members Brian Knoll and Richard Bond, and Paul Leff, a U.K.-based pharmacology consultant.

UH Pharmacology graduate students Luis A. Martinez and Abeer Rababa'h received competitive travel awards from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology's Maximizing Access to Research Careers (FASEB MARC) program and the ASPET organization, respectively. 

Assistant Professor Maria V. Tejada-Simon, Ph.D., M.Ed. (COE '07), received a FASEB MARC Travel Award, which provided assistance for Tejada-Simon and her two UH undergraduate student lab members, Stacy Nguy and Tri Le, to attend the meeting.

A total of 14 research posters presented at the meeting were authored/co-authored by UHCOP pharmacology graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, research assistants, recent graudates and faculty members.