Policies & Procedures


Pharm.D. Student Handbook 2014-15 (.pdf)

Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct (.pdf)

Professional Dress Code (.pdf)

Technical Standards (.pdf)

Laptop Minimum Specifications (.pdf)

Student Activity Petition Form (.pdf)

UH Graduate Catalog (College of Pharmacy section)

ISSSO-CPT Process and Form for International Students on IPPE-APPE Sites (.pdf)

Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) Instructions (.pdf) 

College Policies & Procedures (Building Policies, Campus Safety, etc.)  

Student Organizations

UHCOP Main Campus Parking Policy (.pdf)

Map & Parking Guide for UHCOP Main Campus (.pdf)

Student Use of Office UH-UHCOP Logo and Name (.pdf)  

How to Register

P1 Pharm.D. Registration Guide 2013 (.pdf)


ACPE Student Complaints Policy (.pdf)

UHCOP PharmD Student Grievance Procedure (.pdf)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Reference Request (.pdf)

FERPA Release Form (.pdf)

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