MS in Pharmacy Administration

NOTE: The standalone M.S. and Pharm.D./M.S. are being discontinued; no incoming students are being admitted to these programs after Spring 2013. 

Program Overview

Pharmacy Administration as a research area encompasses issues dealing with the various topics involved in Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmaceutical Outcomes Management, Health Outcomes Research, Pharmacy Business Administration, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Management, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Consumer Health Behavior, Managed Health Care Issues, Health Policy Development, Pharmaceutical Care, Health Systems Operations, and Information Systems in Health Care.

In pharmacy administration (Pharm Ad) research, these topics are considered in a systematic and scientific manner to conduct inquiry and evaluate drug therapy decisions by measuring and analyzing patient outcomes for the evaluation and improvement of access, effectiveness, and quality of care.


The mission of this program is to advance research and development in the field of pharmacy administration to enhance the safe and effective delivery of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical care.

Program Goals

The M.S. in Pharmacy Administration is a program designed to prepare students with technical knowledge and problem-solving skills to assume positions of responsibility and leadership.

Program Dynamics:

  • Master's degree program flexible for part-time students
  • Courses begin in the Fall of each year
  • Enrollment on a competitive basis
  • Financial assistance to qualified applicants based on availability
  • Collaboration with Texas Medical Center health care institutions
  • Thesis/Non-thesis project option
  • 100% success in placement

The University of Houston is an urban teaching and research institution which sets standards of excellence in education, research and service.  The University of Houston College of Pharmacy has trained pharmacists and researchers to work in healthcare for over 50 years.  The College of Pharmacy has more than 45 faculty members with facilities on both the UH main campus and the Texas Medical Center (TMC). The TMC is the world’s largest medical and health center with 42 member institutions specializing in every aspect of health care. 

This graduate program is enhanced through its interaction and collaboration with the world renowned institutions at the TMC, the C.T. Bauer College of Business Administrations MBA program (fully accredited by the prestigious American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business), and the Healthcare Administration Graduate Program at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. With its renowned faculty, dedication to serving the community, and affiliation with the prestigious TMC, the University of Houston College of Pharmacy is an international leader in providing quality education for its graduate students.