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Current Students in Pharmacology & Pharmaceutics

PPS Graduate Student Policies & Procedures


PPS PhD Program Policies & Procedures (.pdf)  

Assignment of Graduate Student Advisors Policy (.pdf)

UH Graduate Catalog

FERPA Release Form (.pdf)

Reference Request Form (.pdf)

College Policies & Procedures (Building Policies, Campus Safety, etc.)  

Financial Assistance

First-year Graduate Research Assistantships (.pdf)

Matching Graduate Research Assistant Stipends (.pdf)

UH Presidential-Cullen-Ehrhardt Fellowships (.pdf)

UH Competitive Graduate Fellowship Programs

Graduate Tuition Fellowship

Graduate Students Grievance Procedure (.pdf)


Graduate Students Grievance Procedure (.pdf)

Student Organizations

UHCOP Main Campus Parking Policy (.pdf)

Map & Parking Guide for UHCOP Main Campus (.pdf)

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