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Clickers (Student Response Pads)

Clickers, aka Student Response Systems, are employed in the classroom to improve student engagement and combat learning fatigue. These credit card-sized remotes or pads permit students to respond wirelessly to questions built into a PowerPoint lecture; results are instantly collected and tabulated on the instructor’s computer, then displayed in a chart on the classroom monitor.

The format of the ‘Clicker’ interaction turns an ordinary classroom into an interactive experience, with formerly passive students now actively engaged with content. Instructors benefit from real-time feedback in that they have the ability to perform just-in-time remediation of misunderstood concepts; with this feedback data, they can tailor instruction to meet true learning needs.

The college owns a set of 65 clickers that can be used for meetings and in small-group settings where students haven’t been required to purchase clicker pads.

For more information on clickers or to reserve clickers, please contact Shari Mauthner at or 713-743-4252. Shari is available to discuss the benefits of clickers in the classroom and provide resources to assist faculty members in implementing clickers into lectures.