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FCS   National Veterans Fraternity

Our Motto is Scholarship, Service, and Solidarity.

FCS Fraternity Information

Thank you for your interest in Phi Chi Sigma National Veterans Fraternity ("Phi Chi": pronounced Fy Kai). Founded in 1999, our fraternity is striving to build the largest and best veterans' fraternity in the nation. Phi Chi gives veterans a voice on campus while encouraging scholarship and community service, building upon the bonds of brotherhood that all whom have served in the U.S. military share.

We are not a member of the Greek Inter-Fraternity Council, although we use some Greek letters simply because we are in the college environment. We are co-ed, accepting male and female, student, staff, and faculty. We do not haze (boot camp did that for us) and we do not discriminate. Our main focus is veterans on the college campus, but we do accept non-veterans on a limited basis.

Scholarship: We promote higher standards for our membership. We do not require high GPA's to become members but we stress that each member should do everything they can to do their best. We also emphasize that as Brothers and Sisters, we should help each other reach our highest personal goals. We encourage study groups, each member helping their brothers and sisters to excel. One of our short-term goals is to provide scholarships for our membership, as well as keep them informed on how to maximize their veterans' benefits and financial aid opportunities.

Service: By serving in the armed forces we have already done a great service to the United States of America. We believe in continuing that service by volunteering to help our fellow veterans, our institutions, and our communities in ways we feel will make them stronger. Each Chapter of Phi Chi seeks to become a well-known group on campus with an outstanding reputation for community service.

Solidarity: We believe in building upon the natural bonds of brotherhood that all veterans share. Our Brothers and Sisters develop strong relationships through our many social activities on the local level, as well as National meetings and activities with other chapters of Phi Chi. We are currently developing an alumni network with the goal of assisting our members with employment after graduation or counseling in choice of major and opportunities.

Contact Information
If you are interested in becoming a member of Phi Chi Sigma please contact us via e-mail, complete the on-line form, or call us at 832-723-7954.

Mailing Address
Phi Chi Sigma
National Veterans Fraternity at UH
UCU #51, Box 130
Houston, Texas 77204-3650

Telephone Numbers
Voice: 832-723-7954
Fax: 713-743-5494

Please contact us via or the online information request form found here if you would like more information or are interested in founding a chapter at your school.

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