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Welcome to the University of Houston’s Parent's Network!

Volunteer to be an advisor for the University Career Advisory Network (UCAN)!

Students need as much information as possible to make good career decisions, and the most inspiring advice often comes from the personal experience of others. Each of you has a valuable and unique story to share. Your knowledge and experiences can be extremely valuable to students as they seek to make informed career decisions.

  • Inform students on your specific career field
  • Share your experience on what your career is really like
  • Offer recommendations for getting into your particular type of career/company
  • Educate students about the job search process
  • Explore career options
  • Give insight into some of the realities of the workplace
  • Discuss what academic and experiential preparation you think is necessary for a given career

The University Career Advisory Network (UCAN) links UH students with volunteer career advisors representing a wide variety of occupational fields and experience levels.  As a volunteer advisor, you will specify your areas of expertise, set the frequency and level of involvement with UH students, and choose the types of students that you wish to advise. Your involvement can range from an exchange of e-mail messages to serving as a speaker for a student organization.

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For additional information please contact University Career Services

(713) 743-5100.

** Mentors are not expected to offer internships or jobs, just information and advice**