Hotel Accommodations

While we have included information for our preferred hotels for Family Weekend, please don't feel confined to these selections. There are many other hotel options in Houston that may better fit your budget and preferences. The Official Visitor’s Guide of Houston Texas lists many options; you can access this site here.

The Hilton University of Houston

4800 Calhoun Road, Houston, TX, 77204

$159 (plus taxes) each night for a 2 night stay (Friday and Saturday), Parking $15 per night.

$179 (plus taxes) for a 1 night stay, Parking $15 per night.

The Hilton University of Houston is located on campus right across the street from the University Center.   To make reservations, please call 866-327-1161 or to make an online reservation, click here

Rooms are based on availability.

Wyndham Houston – Medical Center Hotel & Suites

6800 S. Main St., Houston, TX 77030


$99 per night (includes complimentary parking)

$119 per night for Deluxe Suite (includes complimentary parking)

Click here or call 713-528-7744 to make your reservation.  Please mention “UH Family Weekend” to receive the reduced room rate. Reservation Cut-Off Date: September 5, 2014

La Quinta Inn – Medical Center

9911 Buffalo Speed, Houston, TX, 713-668-8082

$85 per night Double or King

If requesting joint rooms please request at time of reservations