Council Officers

Shelby Royer

The president oversees the operations of HPC and calls all meetings to order.

VP Recruitment
Jamison Carson

VP Recruitment oversees all details of formal recruitment, including, but not limited to, attire, schedules, and rules.

VP Assistant Recruitment
Dana Stark

VP Assistant Recruitment helps the VP Recruitment with the details of formal recruitment.

VP Judicial
Anna Mittra

VP Judicial oversees all judicial hearings and the Judicial board.

VP Administration
Janie Bailliet

VP Administration records Panhellenic meeting minutes, updates the Panhellenic website, and creates the agenda for Panhellenic meetings.

VP Academics
Ha Nguyen

VP Academics oversees all general academic needs in HPC.

VP Special Operations & Marketing
Meera Norton

VP Special Operations & Marketing oversees Rho Gamma applications and interviews, as well as, promotes HPC through social media outlets.

VP Programming
Katy Joslin

VP Programming oversees HPC programming events in order to bring the Panhellenic community together.

VP Finance
Rohini Sethi

VP Finance oversees all HPC payments and dues for individual chapters.

Panhellenic Advisor

Jason Bergeron

Recruitment Advisor

Guillermo Flores