Am I eligible to participate in Formal Recruitment?
A woman is eligible to participate in Recruitment if she is a student regularly enrolled at the University of Houston- Main Campus at the time of Recruitment and has a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

How and when should I register for Formal Recruitment?
You may register for formal recruitment online at [this link] or from the homepage of the UH Panhellenic Council website. All you have to do is fill out the form, pay the application fee of $50 using Visa or MasterCard.  New in 2014: You DO NOT need to send in a transcript to participate in recruitment. Register for recruitment as soon as possible! The only way for us to contact you and invite you to fun Pre-Recruitment events is for you to register and provide us with your e-mail address. Registration opens May 1st and closes September 6th.

New in 2014: You DO NOT need to send in a transcript to participate in recruitment. Your recruitment GPA will be based on the transcript you have on file with the Office of Admissions as of August 1.

When is Fall Recruitment? Do I have to come to University of Houston before classes begin?
No, you do not have to come to the University of Houston before classes begin.

Do I need letters of recommendation to go through Recruitment?
No. It is not required, but we encourage you to register with your local Panhellenic Council. They can help you with the letters and our chapters find it very beneficial. The best way to find your local Panhellenic Council is to Google your hometown and then Panhellenic Council. For example: if you're from Kingwood, TX then you would Google "Kingwood, TX Panhellenic Council"

Do I need to send a copy of my high school or college transcript?
No. New in 2014: You DO NOT need to send in a transcript to participate in recruitment. Your recruitment GPA will be based on the transcript you have on file with the Office of Admissions as of August 1. For women already enrolled at the University of Houston your GPA will be based on what appears in PeopleSoft.

Can I go through Formal Recruitment as a freshman?
Yes, nearly 50% of the women who went through recruitment in Fall 2012 were upperclassmen (sophomore or higher). However, the sorority experience is designed to be 4 years as an active and a lifetime of experience after. As a result you are highly encouraged to go through Formal Recruitment as a freshman if possible.

Do I have to live on campus to be in a sorority?
No, it is not necessary to live on campus in order to be in a sorority. However, many of our chapter's bylaws require that members live in the house for at least 1 year. The housing is convenient and beneficial as a student at the University of Houston. The current rate to live in the house is $595.00. If you would like more information about Greek Housing please visit the Student Housing and Residential Life Website.

Will it help me to during recruitment to attend fraternity parties over the summer so that I can meet sorority members at these parties?
No, attending fraternity parties before recruitment is frowned upon by all chapters.

How much time does a sorority take?
This depends on how much time you choose to put into your organization. Every chapter has certain mandatory events such as weekly meetings, community service once a semester, etc. but they also have many optional events. Below is a sample calendar to give you an idea of what your semester might look like. (Note- these dates are just examples this is NOT the correct calendar for any of our six sororities.)

How much money does a sorority cost?
Each sorority varies in price per semester due to the different things included in a members dues. The dues for New Members range from $848.00-$1,729.96 and for Actives range from $600-$876.  These dues help pay for activities, formals, philanthropies, retreats and more depending on the chapter.  Some orginzation discount due slightly for women who choose to live in the chapter house.

Almost all of the women in the Houston Panhellenic Council community work to pay for their dues or other expenses. All of our chapters work with members to set up payment plans if and when needed.  Additionally there are various scholarships available to help sorority women cover expenses while they are working to earn their degree.

Parents FAQ's

What is membership recruitment?
Membership in a sorority is voluntary and is the result of mutual selection.

Formal recruitment is a time set aside, during the Fall Semester, for sorority members and unaffiliated women to become better acquainted.

Does it cost a lot of money to join?
Each sorority has certain fixed expenses including dues, new member fees, initiation fees, and housing fees. An average cost for membership will be given to each potential member before she begins the recruitment process. A table of each chapter’s dues will also be posted on this website before the Fall semester begins.

First semester dues are higher because of new member fees, initiation fees, badge fees, etc. At UH first semester dues generally range from $800- $1,500. At UH active member dues (or dues per semester after the first semester) generally range from $600-800.

What about the use of alcohol and controlled substances, irresponsible behavior, and hazing?
Every NPC group expects its members to obey all local, state, and federal laws and to abide by the fraternity’s policies, guidelines, and standards. Each organization allocates significant resources to educate its members about alcohol and substance abuse.

NPC groups provide extensive guidelines for hosting social events, and chapters are expected to provide a safe environment for their members. If an incident occurs where policies are violated, the organization intervenes with disciplinary measures and further education to achieve a higher level of safety at chapter events.

NPC itself has several programs that address the high-risk behaviors prevalent on most campuses today- not just within the Greek community.

How can membership assist my daughter in succeeding academically?
All inter/national NPC sororities expect every member to strive to fulfill her academic potential. As a commitment to academic achievement, sororities offer several forms of support to assist members- from study resources to quiet study areas. When a member falls below the chapter’s required grade point average, additional study program are developed to improve her academic performance.

Most chapters have an alumnae advisor whose focus is the scholastic success of each member, and many have a faculty advisor who is a positive influence on the intellectual life of the members. Chapters acknowledge improved and high scholastic achievement with various awards and form of recognition.

My daughter will make friends in her residence hall and classes. What would be different about sorority friends?
Membership in a sorority is a living and learning experience for women with shared values and objectives. Chapter members develop a special bond of sisterhood.

These friendships last beyond the college years and are nurtured by alumnae activities and networking programs that provide opportunities for continued camaraderie, service, and personal development.

What is my role as a parent?
Be supportive and learn as much as you can by asking questions of your daughter prior to and throughout the membership recruitment process.

How does my daughter get involved?
Students wishing to participate in recruitment may do so by registering for recruitment here or by following the link to the recruitment link to the left.