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Student Policy

S100 Progression Policy

S101 Student Clinical Requirements Part One

S104 Classroom Lab and Clinical Attendance Policy

S106 Evaluation of Faculty and Course

S107 Faculty Advisor

S108 Financial Aid Scholarship Info

S112 Inactive Status

S113 Minimal Technology Requirements

S114 Traditional BSN Program Admission

S115 Readmissions Standards

S117 Student Involvement in Curriculum

S120 Annual Clinical Passport (Needs Flash, opens in IE, Firefox & Edge) 

S122 Blood, Body Fluid, Hazardous Exposure

S123 Clinical Agency Policy and Procedure

S125 AudioVideo Recording and Photographing

S126 Classroom Courtesy

S127 Student Testing Policy

S129 Reading Assignments Class Participation

S130 Orientation to Courseware

S133 Non-Student Formal Complaints

S134 Preceptor Policy

S135 ADA Policy

S136 Student Professional Conduct and Demeanor

S137 Academic Jeopardy Notification

S138 Dress Code Policy

S139 Core Performance Standards

S140 Medication Administration Policy

S141 Simulation Laboratory Policy

S142 Student Grading Policy

Undergraduate Student Policy (PDF)

U202 Jurisprudence Exam

U203 Licensure Eligibility

Graduate Student Policy (PDF)

G301 Testing Policy

G308 Transfer of Graduate Credit

G310 Graduate Student Advance Practice