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Other INE-Related News Links

“Fibers Boost Solar Cells” 

19-May-2006. SPIE – Advancing light based research
“Nanocomposite organic solar cells continue to improve”

11-Oct-2005. ABC News – Technology
“Could Plastic Help Produce Cheaper Solar Power?” 

10-Oct-2005. Nano Science and Technology Institute
“Two University Teams have Improved Organic Solar Cells, Substantially Improving the Efficiency Rate” 

9-Oct-2005. Science Daily
“Solar breakthrough will Help Spur Viability of Alternative Energy” 

“NMSU/Wake Forest Solar Breakthrough will Spur Viability of Alternative Energy” 

“Nanotech Solar Breakthrough will Help Spur Viability of Alternative Energy”

7-Oct-2005. Next Big Future
“Advance in Buckyball-Polymer Solar Efficiency” 

“NMSU Creating Plastic Coatings that Give Planes Special Powers” 

10-Feb-2004. The Albany Business Review
“RPI Researchers Use Bacteria to Form Nanospheres”

2004. Summer. New Mexico State University Research
“Thinking Big About Small Things”