Undergraduate Mathematics Colloquium

Undergraduate Mathematics Colloquium

The next Undergraduate Colloquium is Thursday, 04/25/18.

For details please see the following link: http://www.math.uh.edu/colloquium/undergraduate/

Speaker: John Coudsi, University of Houston

Abstract:  Diophantine Approximations

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Location: PGH646A


In this talk, we will discuss my favorite field in mathematics: Number Theory. The ancient Greeks believed that there were no irrational numbers and that everything could be expressed as the ratio of two integers. We will explore how correct these notions are, namely, how to approximate irrational numbers using rational ones. We will discuss simple continued fractions, which naturally lead to the question of Pell-like equations. In addition, we will also obtain results in the study of the distribution of lattice points in the plane and which pairs of integers are relatively prime.

Pizza will be served after the lecture. Hope that you will join us for an informal, cool presentation in a friendly atmosphere!