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Degree Requirements

Graduate students must register with the Director of Graduate Studies at the beginning of their program so that appropriate records may be kept. Graduate students are responsible for ensuring that they complete the required courses for a particular degree. Please consult  the Graduate Advisor if you have any questions about this. The departmental Director of Graduate Studies will serve as interim advisor for the purposes of initiating a course of study until an advisor is selected.

New Students:

New students in the MSM and MSAM programs should take a placement exam in the weeks preceding their first semester of graduate study. This exam is to ensure that a student has sufficient background to take their selected courses.

The placement exam is a closed book, 3-hour long, examination covering basic material from real analysis and advanced linear algebra at the level of our senior level courses in these subjects.

Students who do not do well on this exam will be advised by the Director of Graduate Studies on how to remedy their situation. If a new student cannot attend the scheduled time of the examination, the Graduate Director will make other arrangements for taking the exam.

Select for more details on the requirements for a Master of Arts in Mathematics (MAM) - Online, Master of Science in Mathematics (MSM), Master of Science in Applied Mathematics (MSAM), Master of Science in Statistics and Data Analysis (MSDA) - Hybrid (in development; Federal Student Aid eligibility pending, anticipated for Fall 2017) , and PhD Degree Program .

Graduation/Enrollment Reminder

Graduation will be denied if failure to enroll during the semester in which a student applies for graduation. The student who expects to graduate in a given term must be enrolled for that term. This regulation applies to students who have not submitted a thesis or dissertation by the deadline of the previous term. For more information, please visit the Graduate Catalog for specific details about applying for graduation.