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Doctoral Program

Admission Information

Students may be admitted to the doctoral program in mathematics provided they have an undergraduate or Masters degree in mathematics. Admission is competitive and based on evidence of a candidate's mathematical knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

Ph.D. Degree Requirements

After admission, there are a number of requirements that must be satisfied for a person to receive  a Ph.D. They include:

  1. A candidate must pass preliminary examinations in three subjects.
  2. The candidate  must obtain  a grade of B or better at least 24 semester credit hours of courses in the mathematics Ph.D. program including the course Doctoral Dissertation M8399 to be taken in the semester when they complete requirements for graduation.
  3. The candidate  must be in residence, and take 9 semester credit hours of courses, in two consecutive long semesters.
  4. The candidate must write a doctoral dissertation with the guidance of an advisor who is a  regular  faculty member  of the mathematics department.
  5. The candidate must defend their dissertation in a public examination  by a thesis committee consisting of at least 4 members, three of whom are faculty members in the department.
  6. A copy of the dissertation, approved by all the members of the thesis committee is transmitted to, and approved by, the office of the Dean of the College of Natural Science and Mathematics.

Additonal Information:

-Information about the Preliminary exams is available here.

-Information about allowable courses and registration requirements may be found here.

-Information regarding advice about the choice of an advisor and instructions regarding the contents of a dissertation are available here.

-Information  about the selection and duties of the thesis committee and the approvals required is provided. The above is only an outline of the primary requirements for the degree. The Director of Graduate Studies and others can provide more detailed information about conditions. The college and the university may have further requirements as listed at College and UH websites.