Master of Science in Statistics and Data Analysis (MSDA) - Hybrid - University of Houston
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Master of Science in Statistics and Data Analysis (MSDA) - Hybrid

(Federal Student Aid eligibility pending, anticipated for Fall 2017)


The Department of Mathematics, at the University of Houston, is launching a new Master program in Statistics and Data Analysis starting Fall 2017. This is a full-time hybrid program which consists of 30 credit hours and can be completed in 1 year (Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters).


Key features of the program:

  • Build a solid foundation for students to learn Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Learning fundamental kills in Modeling and Analysis of Complex Data
  • Hands-on experience through didactic in class learning and research project practice
  • Improve programming skills to the professional level for data analytics
  • Streamline training through a one year program with 30 credits
  • Broaden knowledge to statistical research and machine learning
  • Applications to Biomedical Science, Human Genome, and Oil-Gas Industry, etc.
  • Require a minimal prerequisite of mathematical / statistical knowledge and programing languages
  • Mentored by experienced professors of many years teaching and research.
  • Most efficient and cost-effective professional degree program in the Houston area


A Sample of Courses:

  • Fall semester (4 required):

- Probability and Statistics I
- Linear Models and Regression Analysis I
- Statistical Computing
- Introduction to Stochastic Processes I


  • Spring semester (4 requied):

- Probability and Statistics II
- Design of Experiments
- Multivariate Statistical Analysis
- Data Mining and Automatic Learning


  • Summer Research Project (3 credits required): to work on a biomedical or industrial problem mentored by a statistics faculty in the department.
  • Elective (1 course either Fall or Spring semester) 


Admissions: Application Deadline: July 1, 2017 (Fall semester only)

To apply, please click this Collegenet link.


Contact: Wenjiang Fu, PhD. Professor and Program Director,, (713) 743-7279, PGH 684

Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics, University of Houston, 3551 Cullen Blvd., 641 Philip G. Hoffman Hall, Houston, TX 77204-3008



*Disclaimer: At this time, students in this program are not eligible for financial aid. We are applying for the approval by the US Department of Education for students in this program to be able to receive financial aid. The approval process usually takes about 6-8 weeks. The status of eligibility for financial aid will be updated once the information becomes available.