Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign - University of Houston
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Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign

A Campaign for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics’ 40th Anniversary is a team approach to raising funds for NSM/UH lasting from May 9 to July 9 (60 days).


The goal of this campaign is to:

       Increase the number of NSM faculty and staff who give to any program on campus.

       Build a culture of giving within NSM.

       Create ownership of NSM.

       Support our students.

       Demonstrate IMPACT of all giving to UH/NSM—every gift counts!


Every gift makes an IMPACT! You can give any amount. 

Here are some causes NSM has identified to give towards.


·         $30 pays for 5 student lunches on Day of Discovery.

·         $40 pays for lab equipment for one semester.

·         $50 pays for one on-line book.

·         $75 pays for one week of on-campus meal plan.

·         $100 for one book.

·         $250 for 4 chairs in the Student Learning Commons.

·         $500 pays for one study table in the Student Learning Commons

·         $1,000 scholarship per academic year will reduce out-of-state tuition to in-state tuition (saves $14,000 per year).


You can also support by giving any amount:


       NSM Student Learning Commons

       Crossing the Finish Line Scholarship

       NSM Excellence Fund

       Departmental Excellence Funds

       NSM Scholarship Fund

       Anything at UH (HPM, Athletics, etc.)


You can give by:

       Use the Giving Form

       One-time check\credit card gift

       Monthly payroll deduction

       Monthly credit/debit card gift

       Online credit card


Please be sure to list on the Giving Form the Mathematics Ambassadors: Ms. Avani Dave and Ms. Linda Robinson.