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PGH Conference Rooms: Schedule & Reservation

Note:     Red color = 646A event schedule;      Green color = 651G event schedule;    Blue color = 218D event schedule; Orange color = 347A event schedule


Conference Room Etiquette:  Please read the conference room etiquette for information on space use (you may select the classroom number to view the space).

Room Reservation Procedure

*       To request a reservation please use the Reserve a Space form.
*       The start time and end time of your request should reflect the overall time you will need the space.
*       Requests will be reviewed and assigned based on availability.
*       A reply e-mail will be sent to you upon review to inform you if your request has been approved. If approved, you will be provided all necessary details with regards to using the space.

Note: This conference room is for department of mathematics use only. Please check the event calendar to make sure that the room is available on the day you reserve.