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Seminar Schedule Spring 2015

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Date Speaker Presentation Host
01/23/15 Yingcai Zheng
Planetary Seismology Fu
Room: F160
Dave Yuen
University of Minnesota
Large Earthquake and Geodynamics over Intermediate Timescales Jadamec
02/06/15 Yungon Lee
Chungnam University
Quantitative estimation for climate variability impacts on trans-Pacific transport of springtime Asian aerosols Choi
02/13/15 Juan Carlos Silva Tamayo
Rise and demise of tropical coral reef during the Eocene - Miocene along the tropical SE Circum Caribbean Saylor
02/20/15 James Ten Cate
Los Alamos Lab
Peculiar behavior: Nonlinear, hysteretic, and memory effects in rocks Zheng
02/27/15 Robert Talbot
Characterizing Fugitive Methane Emissions in the Barnett Shale Area Using a Mobile Laboratory Talbot
03/06/15 Tom Herring
Analysis of Long Duration Data from large GPS networks Wang
03/13/15  Eugene Symanski
The tectonic evolution of the Red Sea  Saylor
03/20/15 Spring Break
03/27/15 Laura Wallace
UT Austin
GPS investigation of subduction and continental breakup processes in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands Mann
04/03/15 Christopher Junium
Syracuse University
Carbon and nitrogen cycling during the Proterozoic: lessons from the Great Oxidation Event, the 'boring billion' and the snowball Earth Casey
04/10/15 Margarete Jadamec
Flab Slab Subduction, the Denali Fault, and Mountain Building in the Central Alaska Range Wang
04/17/15 Dan Lehrmann
Trinity University
Basin-wide assessment of the roles of tectonics, basin fill, margin stability, and seawater chemistry on carbonate platform architecture and evolution: Triassic, Nanpanjiang Basin, South China Silva-Tamayo
04/24/15 Craig Glennie
Crowd-sourcing Earthquake Early Warning and Mobile Laser Scanning: New Approaches to Earthquake Geodesy Khan

Fall 2015 Tentative Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Presentation Host
09/04/15 Eugene Szymanski
Tectonic evolution of the Red Sea based on low temperature thermochronology Saylor
09/11/15 Bill Hockaday
Baylor University
Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as geochemical tool for investigating the carbon cycle of the past, present, and future Fu
09/18/15 Nicole Downey
UH Adjunct
Air Quality Regulation and Oil and Gas Prodcution in the US  Talbot
09/25/15 Majie Fan
UT Arlington
Sedimentary Record of Tectonics and Paleoclimate Saylor
10/02/15  Ramesh Shrestha
UH Civil Engineering
TBD  Wang
10/09/15 Zong Lu
Frontiers of satellite radar remote sensing Wang
10/16/15 Trevor Williams
 Insights into Antarctic Glacial History from Provenance of Ice-Rafted Debris  Wellner
10/23/15  Rasmus Andreasen
Two billion years of magmatic history from the largest volcano in the Solar System Fu
10/30/15 Soontae Kim
Ajou University
 TBD  Choi
11/06/15  Daniel Imrecke
Triaasic arc-magmatism and tectonics in the Pamir region, Western China Robinson
11/13/15  Veronica Sanchez
College of Mainland
 TBD  Murphy
11/20/15 Zhicheng Jing
Case West Univ.
TBD Zheng
11/27/15 Thanksgiving Break