Spring 2014 Seminars - University of Houston
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Spring 2014 Seminars

Date Speaker Presentation Host
01/17/14 Alberto Malinverno
Gas Hydrates, Methanogenesis, and Carbon Cycling at Continental Margins Wellner
01/24/14 Corne Kreemer
U. of Nevada, Reno
The Slow-but-Steady Deformation of the American West: New Constraints from GPS Geodesy Wellner
01/31/14 Mike Myers
University of Houston, PETE 
Staged Effective Medium Models for Acoustic Velocity, a Technique That Honors Texture and Mineralogy Stewart
02/07/14 Asish Basu
UT Arlington
Discovery of mantle transition zone minerals in peridotites at the base of the Indus ophiolite, Ladakh Himalayas Snow
02/14/14 Paul Savage
Washington University in St. Louis
Copper isotopes and the role of sulfides during Earth's differentiation Armytage
02/21/14 Shankar Chellan
Elemental analysis to quantify the contributions of Saharan dust and motor vehicles to airborne particulate matter concentrations in Houston Choi
02/28/14 Robert Reece
Alaskan tectonics and controls on Surveyor offshore fan Mann
03/07/14 Bob Wang
Land subsidence monitoring in the Houston metropolitan area: 1993-2013 Choi
Spring Break
03/21/14 NO SEMINAR
03/28/14 Joe Curiale
Chevron (EAS Adjunct)
Source Rock Assessment through Molecular and Isotopic Inversion of Crude Oil Brandon
04/04/14 NO SEMINAR
04/11/14 Mark Estes
Chemical and meteorological factors affecting ozone concentrations in Houston, Texas Lefer
04/18/14 Glen Mattioli
UT Arlington
Applications of GPS geodesy for volcanic, tectonic, and amtospheric processes: examples from COCONet and PBO Wang
04/25/14 Department Research Day