2017 IRESS Meeting - University of Houston
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2017 IRESS Meeting

Industry-Rice Earth Science Symposia (IRESS -2017)
February 23-24, 2017, Rice University
Continental Margins II: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Building of a Passive Margin
Details: http://earthscience.rice.edu/iress/

Presentations with UH EAS Faculty/Students as (Co-) Authors

  • Nawaz Bugti: Subsurface structure, stratigraphy and petroleum systems of the Port Isabel passive margin foldbelt, northwest Gulf of Mexico
  • Presly Carr: Mapping the distribution and thickness of OAE1 and OAE2 source rock intervals on Cretaceous passive plate margins of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean 
  • Beatrice Serrano-Suarez: Size delineation and possible origins of a regional, Late Cretaceous unconformity affecting the Mesozoic passive margin of northwest Africa
  • Emily Stibbe: Distinguishing upper plate vs. lower plate and volcanic vs. non-volcanic, conjugate margins of the Central, Equatorial, and South Atlantic Oceans
  • Omar Zavala: Comparison of tectonic and subsidence events of the Demerara (South American) and Guinea (West African) rifted, conjugate margins