AGU Fall Meeting 2014 - University of Houston
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AGU Fall Meeting 2014

San Francisco, California
Dec. 15 - 19, 2014
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Presentations with UH EAS faculty/students as (Co-)Authors

Monday, December 15
Author(s) Title Time Location
Jonathan E Snow* High H2O/Ce of K-rich MORB from Lena Trough and Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean 08:00 AM Moscone South
Jessica Gilman, Brian M Lerner, Carsten Warneke, Martin Graus, Rui Lui,, Abigail Koss, Bin Yuan, Shane M Murphy, Sergio Luiz Alvarez, Barry L Lefer*, Kyung-Eun Min, Steven S Brown, James M Roberts, Hans Dieter Osthoff, Courtney Dyan Hatch, Jeff Peischl, Thomas B Ryerson and Joost A De Gouw Primary emissions and secondary formation of volatile organic compounds from natural gas production in five major U.S. shale plays 09:00 AM Moscone West 3010
Caroline Lavoie, Eugene Domack, Theodore Scambos, Erin Pettit, Hans-Werner Schenke, Kyu-Cheul Yoo, Robert Larter, Julian Gutt, Julia Wellner*, Miquel Canals, John Anderson and David Amblas Paleo-Ice Sheet/Stream Flow Directions of the Northern Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet Based Upon New Synthesis of Multibeam Seabed Imagery 11:35 AM Moscone West 3005
Hanlin Liu**, Guoquan Wang* and Jiangbo Yu** A Stable Geodetic Reference Frame within the COCONET Footprint to Enable High-Accuracy Ground Deformation Study 01:40 PM Moscone West Poster Hall
Xueyi Jia**, Qi Jing, Bao Yan, Jiangbo Yu**, Weijun Gan and Guoquan Wang* Current Land Subsidence in Tianjin, China Recorded by Three Continuous GPS stations (2010-2014) 01:40 PM Moscone West Poster Hall

Tuesday, December 16
Author(s) Title Time Location
Azizuddin Abdul Aziz**, Robert Stewart* and Susan L Green** 3D GPR Modeling and Imaging of Burials: Mueschke Historic Cemetery, Houston, Texas 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Robert Gibler, Anne H Peslier, Lillian Aurora Schaffer** and Alan D Brandon* Water content in the SW USA mantle lithosphere: FTIR analysis of Dish Hill and Kilbourne Hole pyroxenites 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Kurt E Sundell** II, Joel Edward Saylor*, Dustin Patrick Villarreal* and Brian K Horton Testing geodynamic models for surface uplift of the central Andean plateau through volcanic glass paleoaltimetry and basin analysis in southern Peru 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Stephanie Gwen Erickson, Wendy R Nelson*, Anne H Peslier and Jonathan E Snow* Constraining the Composition of the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle Beneath the East African Rift: FTIR Analysis of Water in Spinel Peridotite Mantle Xenoliths 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Joel Edward Saylor* and Kurt E. Sundell** Statistics of large detrital geochronology datasets 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Anne H Peslier, Alan D Brandon*, Lillian Aurora Schaffer**, Suzanne Yvette O'Reilly, William L Griffin, Richard V Morris, Trevor G. Graff and David G Agresti Water in the Cratonic Mantle: Insights from FTIR Data on Lac de Gras Xenoliths (Slave Craton, Canada) 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Tyrone O Rooney, Wendy R Nelson*, Dereje Ayalew, Gezahegn Yirgu, Claude T Herzberg and Barry B Hanan An olivine-free mantle lithology as a source for mantle-derived magmas: the role of metasomes in the Ethiopian-Arabian large igneous province. 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Nicolas Bartschi**, Joel Edward Saylor* and Michael D Blum Discriminating Sediment Supply versus Accommodation Controls on Foreland Basin Stratigraphic Architecture in the Book Cliffs, central Utah using Detrital Double Dating 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Donald S Van Nieuwenhuise* Biotic and Sedimentologic Signals Associated with Tempestite Deposition from Baffin Bay, Texas 11:50 AM Moscone West 2007
Yanet Cuddus** and Guoquan Wang* Precise Landslide Displacement Time Series from Continuous GPS Observations in Tectonically Active and Cold Regions: A Case Study in Alaska 01:40 PM Moscone West Poster Hall
Cornelia Class, Anthony A P Koppers, William W Sager*, Susan Schnur Diffuse Volcanism at the Young End of the Walvis Ridge - Tristan - Gough Seamount Province: Geochemical Sampling and Constraints on Plume Dynamics 02:25 PM Marriott Marquis Salons 1-3
John Braun, M Meghan Miller, Glen S Mattioli, Guoquan Wang*, Karl Feaux, Linda Rowan and Peter C La Femina The Continuously Operating Caribbean Observational Network (COCONet): Supporting Regional Development of Geoscience Research Across the Circum-Caribbean 03:00 PM Moscone West 2022-2024

Wednesday, December 17
Author(s) Title Time Location
Paul Mann* and Ian Ambrosius*** Areas of Active Tectonic Uplift Are Sensitive to Small Changes in Fold Orientations within a Broad Zone of Left-lateral Transpression and Shearing, Dominican Republic and Haiti (Hispaniola) 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Patrick Loureiro** and Paul Mann* A Newly Recognized, 460 km Long and Arcuate, Right-Lateral Strike-Slip Fault Traversing Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Ismail Ahmad Abir**, Shuhab Khan*, Abuduwasiti Wulamu, Shahina Tariq and Mohammad Tahir Shah Salt Tectonics of Basin and Range Systems in the Sub-Himalayas of Northern Pakistan Using InSAR and 2D Seismic Interpretation 08:00 AM Moscone West Poster Hall
Rachel Gamblin, Erika Marrero, Edgar A Bering III, Barry Leffer*, Bonnie Dunbar, Hamza Ahmad, Daniel Canales, Chris Bias, John Cao, Megan Pina, Arian Ehteshami, Daniel Hermosillo, Abdul Siddiqui, Diego Guala and UltraLight Mission An Undergraduate Student Instrumentation Project (USIP) to Develop New Instrument Technology to Study the Auroral Ionosphere and Stratospheric Ozone Layer Using Ultralight Balloon Payloads 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
John W Nielsen-Gammon, Michael Quirke, Barry L Lefer* and Tracy Hester Advancing Science Literacy Through the Climate Change National Forum 09:15 AM Moscone South 102
Stephen Leslie**, Paul Mann* and Luis Carlos Carvajal** Giant Mass Transport Deposits of the Caribbean Margin and their Tsunamigenic Potential, Offshore Northern Colombia 01:40 PM Moscone West Poster Hall
Linqiang Yang**, Jiangbo Yu**, Timothy Kearns** and Guoquan Wang* Current Land Subsidence and Sea Level Rise along the North American Coastal Region: Observations from 10-Year (2005-2014) Closely-Spaced GPS and Tide Gauge Stations 01:40 PM Moscone West Poster Hall
Yao Yao** and Aibing Li* Shear Wave Structure in the Lithosphere of Texas from Ambient Noise Tomography 01:40 PM Moscone South Poster Hall
John T Bershaw, Joel Edward Saylor*, Carmala N Garzione, Andrew Leier The Isotopic Evolution of Modern Water (δ18O and δD) Across the Andean Plateau Controlled by Easterly-Derived Precipitation Modified by Surface Water Recycling 01:55 PM Moscone West 2008

Thursday, December 18
Author(s) Title Time Location
Dongje Lee, Timothy Kearns**, Linqiang Yang** and Guoquan Wang* Compaction of Aquifer at Different Depths: Observations from a Vertical GPS Array in the Coastal Center of the University of Houston, Texas 08:00 AM Moscone West Poster Hall
Jiangbo Yu**, Guoquan Wang*, Timothy Kearns** and Linqiang Yang** The Maximum Compaction Depth of the Aquifers in the Houston-Galveston Area: a result from long-term GPS and extensometer observations 08:00 AM Moscone West Poster Hall
Dongje Lee, Timothy Kearns**, Linqiang Yang**, Guoquan Wang* Compaction of Aquifer at Different Depths: Observations from a Vertical GPS Array in the Coastal Center of the University of Houston, Texas 08:00 AM Moscone West Poster Hall
Francis A Macdonald, Mark David Schmitz, Daniel James Condon, Maoyan Zhu, Alan D Rooney and Alan D Brandon* Making up for Lost Time: Stratigraphic and Geochemical Implications of a Long-Lived Sturtian Glaciation 11:35 AM Moscone West 2006
Aifei Bian*, and Chris Gantela High resolution crustal image of South California Continental Borderland: Reverse time imaging including multiples 01:40 PM Moscone South Poster Hall
Susan Schnur, Anthony A P Koppers, Cornelia Class, William W Sager* Explaining Tristan-Gough Plume Dynamics with New Age Data from Multiple Age-Progressive Seamount Sub-Tracks in the Young Walvis Ridge Guyot Province 01:40 PM Moscone South Poster Hall
Yingcai Zheng*, Francis Nimmo, Thorne Lay, InSight detection of a Lithospheric Low Seismic Velocity Zone in Mars 01:40 PM Moscone South Poster Hall
Gilman Ouellette Jr, Kristine L DeLong, Kelly H Kilbourne, Frederick W Taylor, Paul Mann*, Phedy Jean Replicating and calibrating Haitian microatoll coral Sr/Ca variations to build confidence in sea surface temperature reconstructions 01:40 PM Moscone West Poster Hall
Jiannan Wang**, Paul Mann* and Alexander von von Lignau, Definition and Paleoseismology of the Active, Left-Lateral Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault Zone Based on High-Resolution Chirp Profiles: Lakes Azuey and Mirogoane, Haiti 01:40 PM Moscone South Poster Hall

Friday, December 19
Author(s) Title Time Location
Richard Socki, Denet Pernia, Adry K. Bissada*, Joseph Anthony Curiale, Michael Evans, Qi Fu* and Paul B Niles Hydrogen (H) Isotope Composition of Type II Kerogen Extracted by Pyrolysis-GC-MS-IRMS: Terrestrial Shale deposits as Martian Analogs 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
Qi Fu*, Mike Darnell** and Adry K. Bissada* Maturation of Green River Shale Kerogen with Hydrous Pyrolysis: Characterization of Geochemical Biomarkers and Carbon Isotopes 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall

Jolante W Van Wijk*, Michael Andrew Murphy*, An Yin, Nicole Arres** and Rediet Abera

What Formed the Basement Ridges on the Indian Plate?

08:00 AM

Moscone South Poster Hall
Margarete Ann Jadamec*, Karen Fischer Slab Driven Plate Motions and Three-dimensional Mantle Flow Pathways in the Central American Subduction Zone 08:00 AM Moscone South Poster Hall
John Casey*, John F. Dewey The Relationships of Plate Triple-junction Evolution, Trench-Arc Lengthening, Boninite Generation, and SSZ Spreading Centers to Ophiolite Formation, High-Temperature Soles, and Obduction 08:15 AM Moscone South 310
Stuart Hall, Dale Bird*, Hunter Danque, James Grant, David McLean, and Philip Towle New Constraints on the Age of the Opening of the South Atlantic Basin As Revealed By Recently Acquired Magnetic, Gravity and Seismic Reflection Data 10:50 AM Moscone South 304
Yiduo Liu**, Michael Andrew Murphy* and John M Cannon** Post-rift Magmatism at Passive Margins: An Integrated Study of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin 11:50 AM Moscone South 304
Lei Sun**, Shuhab Khan*, Darren L Hauser, Craig L Glennie,, Casey Snyder* and Unal Okyay** Ground-based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Mapping Rock Alterations and Lithologies: Case Studies from Semail Ophiolite, Oman and Rush Springs Sandstone, Oklahoma 01:40 PM Moscone South Poster Hall
Alan D Brandon* INVITED: Decreasing µ142Nd Variation in the Archean Convecting Mantle from 4.0 to 2.5 Ga: Heterogeneous Domain Mixing or Crustal Recycling? 01:40 PM Moscone West 2009
Leon Thomsen* and Don Anderson Weak Anisotropy in Global Seismology 02:40 PM Moscone South 305
Wendy Katherine Sharples, Margarete Ann Jadamec*, Louis Noel Moresi, Fabio a Capitanio Overriding Plate Controls on Subduction Zone Evolution 05:45 PM Moscone South 306