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Application Instructions

Please review this information carefully

Applicants to the Accelerated Professional Master's Program must have earned a Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent in geology, geophysics, engineering or a related science. Applicants to the Graduate program will be evaluated based upon their GPA, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation. Most applicants to this professional program have industry experience which will also be considered in the admissions process. All non-native English-speaking students must take the TOEFL examination and receive a score of 550 or better. All students who apply to the University of Houston graduate program in Geosciences should send all letters of inquiry, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test scores, etc. to:

University of Houston
Graduate Admissions
P.O. Box 3947
Houston, TX 77253-3947

Admission to the Graduate Program

Five items are needed to successfully complete your application for admission:

  1. Application Form - A completed and signed "Application for Admission - Graduate Studies" must be received a month prior to the start date of the program.
  2. Transcripts - Official transcripts from all universities that you have attended must be received. These transcripts (or the equivalent kind provided by some universities) must be sent directly to the Geosciences Department by the Universities involved. Official transcripts must carry the appropriate seal to verify authenticity. Xerox copies of transcripts are not acceptable
  3. Test Scores - All graduate applicants are required to submit scores for the General GRE examination. All non-native English speaking foreign students must also submit scores of the TOEFL examination. These TOEFL scores are required even if you already have a degree from an American institution. The UH Graduate and Professional Studies Bulletin notes that "all graduate students, regardless of citizenship status, must demonstrate proficiency in English. If applicable, you may demonstrate proficiency by a minimum score of 220 on the Test of Spoken English (TSE-given at the TOEFL testing centers on TOEFL test dates) or a 17 (out of 25) on the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Oral Interview. Comparable examinations are given at UH and, if needed, should be taken prior to the start of your first semester of attendance. Should you fail to meet minimum standards you will be required to take an intensive English course during your first semester for which you will pay all associated costs.
  4. A processing fee of $75.00 (U.S. dollars only, cashiers check or money order only), is required for all International students. This is a university requirement and can not be waived by the department. Make checks payable to the University of Houston.
  5. Letters of Recommendation - Three letters of recommendation must be received in order to complete your Application.

Specific Instructions for the Application Form

Section A

  • Indicate the semester you would like to start the program although this is contingent upon us having enough students or a sponsoring company. We can start a program mid-semester.
  • All students will be issued student numbers.
  • Enter as much personal information as is possible. Be sure to include email address and phone numbers so we may contact you if we need additional information.

Section B

  • Major = Geology, Geophysics, or Geosciences
  • Concentration = Specialization in Petroleum Geology, Specialization in Petroleum Geophysics, or Specialization in Integrated Petroleum Science.
  • College = Natural Science and Mathematics (NSM).
  • Study objective = Master's and Special Professional.
  • Graduate Degree Programs = MA or MS.
  • Academic Level Achieved = check the highest ranking degree you already have.
  • Check any boxes for which you would like additional information.

Section C

  • Check GRE and if necessary TOEFL (International students where English is not the first language). If you have not taken this simply fill in your scheduled test date. If you have taken these tests fill in your scores with the date you took the test. Remember when you take the test to send it to the University of Houston Main campus.
  • List all colleges and universities with special attention to the dates and degrees you have received.
  • List 3 References from Academia or Industry.
  • List any of the items in bold such as professional and academic awards and publications. If you want to add a resume or curriculum vitae you may do that instead.
  • Note any academic probations or suspensions you have had and explain the situation.

Do not send any of your paperwork to the office of admissions.