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Petroleum Geophysics Short Courses

Summer 2018

Courses will be taught on the University of Houston Campus, Charles F. McElhinney Hall (Building M/588), and Room 108.

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Date & Time Instructor(s) Tuition

Rock and Fluid Physics

May 28 - 31
8am - 4:30pm

Gary Mavko, Stanford University


Seismic Wave and Ray Theory

June 4 - 8
8am - 4:30pm

Gerard Schuster, KAUST University


Concepts and Applications of 3D Seismic Interpretation

June 11 - 15
8am - 4:30pm

Biondo Biondi, Stanford University


Velocity Analysis for Depth Imaging

June 18 - 22
8am - 4:30pm

Bee Bednar, Panorama Technologies



June 25 - 29
8am - 4:30pm

Leon Thomsen, University of Houston


Application and Interpretation of Converted Waves

July 2 - 6
8am - 4:30pm

James Gaiser and Rob Stewart, University of Houston


Seismic Amplitude Interpretation

July 9 - 13
8am - 4:30pm

Fred Hilterman, University of Houston


EM Methods in Exploration

July 16 - 20
8am - 4:30pm

Doug Oldenburg, University of British Columbia


Seismic Migration

July 23 - 27
8am - 4:30pm

Hua-Wei Zhou, University of Houston


Additional short course information:

  • Note that most courses are one-week courses. Several courses are less than a week due to national holidays. The daily schedule is 8am to 12 noon, followed by a lunch break, and then continue with afternoon sessions from 12:45pm to 4:45pm each day.

Contact Information

Department Chairman:
Hua-Wei Zhou

Director, Professional Geoscience Programs:
Donald S. Van Nieuwenhuise
Phone: 713-743-3423
Fax: 713-743-4544

Short Course Venues

On Campus: Courses will be taught on the University of Houston Campus.  The venue is to be determined for lecture courses.  Please check back later. Courses requiring computer applications will be held in our computer Lab in Science and Research Building 1, Room 230. This lab has up-to-date computer hardware, including visualization capabilities and industry standard software. The campus is conveniently located 5 minutes from downtown Houston and 20 minutes from both major metro airports.

Off Campus: These courses can be provided at any corporate location if the 20 student minimum is met by a sponsor and the sponsor also provides classroom or computer lab facilities depending on the course.