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Graduate Degrees and Information

Graduate Teaching Assistant and Fellowship Support / Application Forms

Graduate Fellowships - Graduate fellowships provided by corporate sponsors are available to well qualified graduate students at both the masters and doctoral levels. Fellowships are awarded in a range of disciplinary areas within geology or geophysics. The amount, eligibility conditions and benefits associated with each Fellowship vary. Applicants for Fellowships must be full time graduate students.

Teaching Assistantships - The Department of Geosciences also provides support to well qualified, full time graduate students in the form of teaching assistantships. Students devote up to 20 hours per week in instructional and related duties. Assistantships provide valuable teaching experience for those individuals who are considering an academic career. They also provide all students with opportunities to acquire and improve their communication skills. All full time graduate students are eligible to apply for Teaching Assistantships.

Teaching Assistant Application PDF document
Letter of Recommendation PDF document

Graduate Students Currently Seeking Industry-Supported Summer Internships/ Permanent Employment Graduate Internships

Graduate Internships are available to well-qualified graduate students at both the masters and doctoral levels. Houston is home to the largest concentration of geoscientists in the world and provides unique opportunities for interaction between university researchers and energy company scientists. Internships involve students working with departmental faculty and a corporate sponsor on a collaborative research project. Students carry out their research both on campus and in the sponsor's laboratories to ensure access to a comprehensive set of analytical and computational facilities. A range of projects are currently available in both geology and geophysics. Students use internships to develop a fuller understanding of the scope of activities carried out by the corporate sponsor. The amount, eligibility conditions and benefits associated with each internship vary. Applicants for Internships must be full time graduate students who are either US citizens or permanent residents.

Student Research Day

Student Research Day has become a UH Geosciences tradition. Each Spring semester graduate and undergraduate students present the results of their research projects in a national meeting format.

Graduate research day is scheduled each year during April (please check the events calendar for more information). Scholarship awards are given for the best geological and geophysical talks. It is usually followed by the annual alumni night at the Mucky Duck.