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Robert E. and Margaret S. Sheriff SEG Foundation Scholarships at University of Houston


  • First preference for a recipient is a graduate student studying geophysics that is a non-US resident attending their first year at the University of Houston.  If there are no eligible applicants, a student with the same criteria but continuing into their second year at University of Houston would be acceptable.
  • If no applicants meet either of these restrictions, then the award may be opened to an undergraduate student in geophysics that meets the other specified criteria above.
  • Award is a one-time only (cannot be awarded to the same recipient multiple years)
  • Three scholarships are offered annually in the value of US$5,000
  • See their web page for application due dates and application form, although applications are generally due March 1.
Application should be made to the SEG foundation scholarship program

About the Scholarship
In their travels around the world, Dr. and Mrs. Sheriff found very bright young people who would welcome the opportunity to study at the University of Houston but who had little hope of raising enough money to get started. The scholarships, founded in 1999, provide enough to live on for the first year of graduate studies and the opportunity to show the student's abilities and potential. Bob and Margaret have been very pleased with those who have held these scholarships in the past. As anticipated, after their first year of study, additional opportunities have opened up for each of them to continue their graduate program.

Please suggest to potentially interested students that they consider applying for this opportunity.