2003 - 2004 Scholarship Recipients - University of Houston
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2003 - 2004 Scholarship Recipients

The following are students of the department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences receiving a scholarship or fellowship from the 2003 to 2004 academic year. Any incorrections or additions should be sent to Sylvia Marshall.

Source Recipient Amount
Margaret S. Bishop Outstanding Sophomore Heather Berglund
John C. O'Leary Oustanding Junior Angelica Frujillo
J. Brian Eby Oustanding Senior Carter Sturm
#1 TA/TF Doug Hinkle
Furbunch James Allen
Milton B. Dobrin Memorial Scholarship Sonja Kisin
UHGAA - Sam Penn Carter Sturm
UHGAA - Sam Penn Angelica Frujillo
UHGAA - Sam Penn Heather Berglund
UHGAA - Dalton Null Ali Hamade
UHGAA - Nester Phillips Eric Elton
Murdoch Alumni Scholarship Rachel Sessenwein