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Submission Instructions

Kindly follow the instructions below when submitting a news article/seminar/thesis defense to be posted on to the Computer Science website.

For All Postings:

When submitting any requests to Webmaster, the e-mail subject should have NEWS, SEMINAR, DEFENSE, OTHER as a prefix (Example: "NEWS: Dr Huang publishes new Software Engineering book").

For Thesis Defense Postings:

These should be only MS thesis, PhD thesis or PhD dissertation proposal. You may submit your defense online.

For News Postings:

Your request should specifically include the following headings with the related information under each: Display Name, Teaser, Title and the Complete news article. Please view below for further explanation on each:

  • Display Name: This is the red headline that appears under the news section on the CS homepage. About 13 words works well because this allows it to stay on one line.
  • Teaser: This is the opening paragraph, or “lead” that is shown on the CS homepage. Limit the word count to 16 words as this keeps from pushing the news releases too far down on the homepage.
  • Title: This is what will show in the “breadcrumb” at the top of Web page after you click on the news headline.
  • Complete News Article: This is the complete message that you would like posted.

Feedback and Suggestions:

Send feedback and suggestions for our website to Suggestions will be dicussed by web committee members before being implemented.