Biology and Biochemistry Seminar - University of Houston
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Seminar Schedule

WEDNESDAY, 4:00 P.M. – HSC 102**
*(Unless otherwise stated)
01/23 Yoshikazu Takada
UC Davis
Integrins crosstalk with growth factors through direct integrin binding to growth factors (the ternary complex model) Mehmet Sen
01/30 Montgomery Pettitt
The Hydrophobic Effect: What it is and what it is not Robert Fox
02/06 Yizhi Jane Tao
Rice University
The tail (tale) of a nematode-infecting virus Orsay Yuhong Wang
02/13 Tia-Lynn Ashman
University of Pittsburgh
Evolution of sex chromosomes: unique insights from wild strawberries Richard Meisel
02/20 Chandra Mohan
University of Houston
OMICs approaches to studying autoimmunity Seema Khurana
02/27 George Eisenhoffer
MD Anderson
Visualizing Tissue Repair and Regeneration in Living Epithelia Arne Lekven
03/06 Hamed Jafar-Nejad
Baylor College of Medicine
Dosage-sensitive modifiers of Notch signaling in a mouse model of Alagille syndrome William Widger
03/13 Spring Break
03/20 Michael Veeman
Kansas State University
Shaping the Ciona notochord Arne Lekven
03/27 Dan Graur
University of Houston
The Neutral Theory Is Dead! Long Live the Neutral Theory: Using 84 Million Genetic Variants to Infer What Drives Human Genome Evolution Brigitte Dauwalder
04/03 Seema Khurana
University of Houston
Fascin restructures adherens junctions to enhance epithelial plasticity thus contributing to metastatic disease Brigitte Dauwalder
04/10 Scott Egan
Rice University
Ecological speciation among herbivorous insect populations Rebecca Zufall
04/17 Amanda Spivak
Oceanographic Inst., MA
Shallow ponds impact salt marsh biogeochemistry and carbon storage Steven Pennings
Diane O’Dowd
UC Irvine
**Room SR1-634** 
Modeling genetic epilepsy: Insights from knock-in flies, human iPSC-derived neurons, and mice
Donna Pattison
05/01 Antonio Lazcano - National Autonomous
University of Mexico in Mexico City
The gene content of the Last Common Ancestor: il catalogo è questo George Fox