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Seminar Schedule

WEDNESDAY, 4:00 P.M. – HSC 102**
*(Unless otherwise stated)
9/13 Dr. Stuart Dryer
University of Houston
TRPC Channels and the Pathophysiology and Pharmacology of Glomerular Diseases Dr. Dauwalder
9/20 Dr. Navin Varadarajan
University of Houston
Advancing cancer immunotherapy one cell at a time. Dr. Zhang/Dr. Gao
9/27 Dr. William J. Murphy
Texas A&M University
Sex chromosome evolution and reproductive isolation: lessons from cats. Dr. Meisel
10/4 Dr. Heath Blackmon
Texas A&M University
The evolution of large-scale genome architecture Dr. Zufall
10/11 Dr. Krishna Rajarathman
UTMB Galveston
Chemokines, neutrophils, and microbial killing: simple and yet so complex Dr. Sen
10/25 Dr. Kenneth S. Korach
Biological and Molecular Analyses of Estrogen Receptor Functional Domains Dr. Umetami
11/1 Dr. Anindya Dutta
University of Virginia
Noncoding RNAs in regulation of skeletal muscle differentiation and gene expression Dr. Liu
11/8 Dr. Buck S. Samuel
Baylor College of Medicine
TBA Dr. Ostrowski
11/15 Dr. Kevin Myles
Texas A&M University
TBA Dr. Kelleher
11/29 Dr. Greg Morrison
University of Houston
TBA Dr. Azevedo
12/6 Dr. Sulie L. Chang
Seton Hall University
TBA Dr. Lin
12/13 Dr. Jae-Il Park
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Manipulating Wnt Signaling in cancer and Stem Cells Dr. Sater