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Faculty Profile

M. David StewartM. David Stewart

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Biology and Biochemistry

Office: Science & Engineering Research Center, 4007
Contact: - (713) 743-5789

Education: Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine, M.S., Texas A&M University, B.S., University of Florida

Google Scholar Profile

Epigenetic regulation of heart and skeletal muscle development
Heart and skeletal muscle development involves the precise orchestration of complex gene expression programs. While much research has focused on the transcription factors and coregulators that control muscle gene expression, much less is known regarding the role of epigenetics in defining the myocyte gene program. Dr. M. David Stewart’s research is focused on understanding the influence of histone variants and chromatin modifications on myocyte gene expression. To this end, he uses genetically engineered mice to determine the physiological consequences of perturbing myocyte epigenetics and a variety of biochemical techniques to determine how individual factors define the myocyte epigenome. This line of study has implications for understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying heart and muscle diseases, heart failure and the lack of regenerative capacity to repair dead cardiac muscle.

Professional Society Memberships

American Heart Association
Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences
Society for Developmental Biology