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Hurricane Experts Available for Media

Hurricane Experts Available for Media

University of Houston experts, including Thomas DeGregori, professor of economics, are prepared to comment on the topics related to hurricane season preparation and response.

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UH History Professor Wins Prestigious Book AwardHonor from Texas Historical Commission Recognizes Books that Add to Knowledge of Texas History

April 20, 2009 - Houston - Raúl A. Ramos, assistant professor of history at the University of Houston, is a 2008 recipient of the T. R. Fehrenbach Book Award given by the Texas Historical Commission (THC). The honor is for Ramos' offering, "Beyond the Alamo: Forging Mexican Ethnicity in San Antonio, 1821-1861," and recognizes "books based on original research that preserve, record and recount the prehistory or history of Texas," according to the THC Web site. The award includes a $1,000 cash prize.

"When people talk about this part of Texas-the Alamo, San Jacinto-they call it the ‘birthplace of Texas,'" Ramos said. "But Texas wasn't born then. It was around for more than 100 years. There was a rich history prior to then."

Ramos' book tells the story of Texas' identity, not from a romantic view of battles and heroes, but from a perspective of cooperative connections between settlers in San Antonio ("Bexareños"), indigenous groups and Anglos. Ramos, who teaches Chicano/a history, history of the American West and Texas history, divides his discussion into two sections: the mixing of indigenous, Mexican and the "American immigrant" peoples, followed by the emergence of the political and ethnic turbulence that forged Texas.

"Identities are complicated, not simple or black and white," Ramos said. "Everyone has a complicated family history and personal story. History needs to paint a story that makes room for that variety."

Ramos is one of two professors who received the honor. Professor Kyle Wilkison of Collins College was recognized for his book, "Yeomen, Sharecroppers, and Socialists: Plain Folk Protest in Texas, 1870-1914."

Past UH award recipients include Joseph Pratt, professor of history and business and director of the Houston History Project. Pratt won in 1992 for his book "Baker & Botts in the Development of Modern Houston."

The book award is named after historian T.R. Fehrenbach, who has published 18 nonfiction books including "Lone Star," the most widely read history of Texas. He is a former commissioner and chair of the Texas Historical Commission, and currently serves as commissioner emeritus.

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