University of Houston Offers Experts Who Can Comment On President’s Final State of the Union Address

President Bush's final State of the Union is certain to address the nation's economy and the war in Iraq, though it may be short on new policy initiatives for his final year in office. As you pursue analysis and perspectives on this story, please consider these experts from the University of Houston. Should you need assistance in contacting these resources, please call our office.

  • Jim Granato, professor and director of the UH Center for Public Policy, can address the president's comments, particularly those regarding the economy. Contrary to most experts' opinions, the current economic climate is in decent shape, he says. Reach him at 713-74-3913.
  • Robert Buzzanco, professor and chair of the department of history, can provide analysis and insight following Bush's remarks, including the effectiveness of presidents in their final year in office. Reach him at 713-743-3093.
  • Nancy Beck Young, a presidential scholar and professor of history, can address how presidents convey their State of the Union messages during times of war. Reach her at 713-743-4381.
  • Jeronimo Cortina, an associate professor of political science, has expertise in American politics. He also is bilingual. Reach him at 713-743-3894.