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Health Care Under the Obama Plan

President-elect Barack Obama has vowed to make health insurance affordable and accessible to all. With 46 million people having no coverage, thatís no easy task. Seth Chandler, co-director of the UH Law Centerís Health Law & Policy Institute, specializes in insurance law and related fields, such as economic analysis of law. Reach him at 713-743-2123 or Search for UH faculty experts.

Sports Vision Performance Center
Open for Business

UH Optometrist Kevin Gee, an optometrist and the Sports Vision Performance Center Photo by David Gee.

Kevin Gee, an optometrist with the University Eye Institute, and the Sports Vision Performance Center staff in front of the Dynavision™, a machine that measures eyesight beyond the standard 20/20 vision.

Dynavision Pegboard

Photo courtesy of University Eye Institute.

The Dynavision™ is a peg board that requires athletes to hit the red buttons as they light up. The Sports Vision Performance Center uses the machine to determine reaction time, peripheral awareness and accuracy of movement.

Sport Vision Test
The picture shows the many different pitches a batter might face when taking a swing. The type of ball being thrown is identifiable by the orientation of the seams. The Sports Vision Performance Centers is geared toward athletes and testing these specialized skills.

Photo courtesy of American Scientist Online.

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