UH NAACP 2012-2013 Executive Board

President - Jessie A. Smith

Contact: smithjessie29@yahoo.com

1st Vice-President - Jade Dalco

Contact: jdalco2@uh.edu
2nd Vice-President - Brandon McDowell

Contact: brandon.m.mcdowell@gmail.com

Secretary - Chelsey Watson

Contact: cdwatson@consolidated.net

Treasuer - Tijuhna Green

Contact: tagreen@uh.edu

Committee Chairs:

Political Action Chair - Neimon James
Contact: njames08@yahoo.com

Programming and Research Chair - DeAngelo Peoples
Contact: dlpeoples@uh.edu

Programming and Research Chair - Desmond Richardson
Contact: desmondrichardson55@yahoo.com

Communications & Publicity Chair - Adrienne Wincher
Contact: awincher@gmail.com

Communications & Publicity Chair - Zondra Victor
Contact: zondravictor@yahoo.com

Communications & Publicty Chair - Pierre Cohen
Contact: pierrechn@yahoo.com

Membership Chair - Jazmine Hawkins
Contact: jazminebh93@gmail.com

Employment & Economic Empowerment Chair - Jasmine Collins
Contact: jasmine_010@hotmail.com

Education Chair- Betty Belay
Contact: betty.belay@yahoo.com

Juvenielle Justice Chair- Jasmine Fields
Contact: jzfields@uh.edu

Communitiy Coordination Chair- Ashley White
Contact: acw1125@aol.com

Health Chair- Fatima Yusuf
Contact: f.mohammed59@yahoo.com