Member of the Month

April: Heather Pham

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Pre-pharmacy

When did you start volunteering with MVP and what made you want to get involved?
I started volunteering with MVP in October of 2014, when I saw the Adopt-a-Beach flyers all around campus. I was super involved in volunteering in high school, but the activities were never as interesting as cleaning up the beach or going to the food bank. All the events and services hosted by MVP were so unique and foreign that I wanted to experience it myself.

Why is community service important to you?
Community service is important to me, because it feels nice to see a group of people working together to make a cause. In this world, a lot of people wish for things to happen, but never actually make an effort to bring about a change. Those who are involved in community service bring out this change, no matter how small the act is.

What was your favorite MVP service event and why?
My favorite MVP service is either the Library Warehouse or the Food Bank. I absolutely love books and seeing all kinds ranging from antiques to classics is always a joy, especially when you know that the books will be in the hands of another to enjoy soon. As for the Food Bank, I didn’t know that a couple hours of volunteering could make such a huge impact in the number of meals a person gets. The atmosphere of the event is always lively and as the day ends, the number of meals produced from our efforts just makes the whole experience more worthwhile.

What advice or suggestions would you give someone who is on the fence about volunteering with MVP?
Volunteering is really fun. It is a great way to meet new people who have the same passions as you do, as well as providing way to contribute to the community without any commitments.

If you could do any type of service in the world what would your dream service activity be?
A person always dreams, whether it be the simplest things or the most difficult. My dream service activity would be to provide the resources and inspirations for the dreamers who do not have the them to make it to where they wish to be.