Member of the Month

April: Courtney Chatman

Hometown: Lufkin, Texas
Major: Computer Engineering Technology
Classification: Sophomore 

When did you start volunteering with MVP and what made you want to get involved?
I started volunteering in Fall 2013. When I transferred to UH I wanted to join an organization that would immediately get me working in the community and meeting new people.

Why is community service important to you?
Community service is important to me because it gives me the chance to give back and to give a helping hand within the community I live in.

What was your favorite MVP service event and why?
The Beacon was my favorite service event to attend. I love going to The Beacon, I think that it is a great organization and it makes me feel so good to know that I'm helping the city's homeless.

What advice or suggestions would you give someone who is on the fence about volunteering with MVP?
Advice I would give to someone who is on the fence about volunteering with MVP is "go for it". If you love volunteering, lending a hand, and meeting new people, MVP is a great organization to join.

If you could do any type of service in the world what would your dream service activity be?
My dream volunteer service would be to go to Africa and help build houses in some of its poorest cities. Also, I would like to be part of a clean water agency, were water pumps are placed into camps to receive clean water.