Member of the Month

November: Ai Nguyen

Hometown: Vietnam
Major: Finance
Classification: Junior

When did you start volunteering with MVP and what made you want to get involved?
I started volunteering with MVP since my first semester here at UH. I attended my first MVP event since it was a requirement as an ELASP member. I really enjoyed it and I found the event really meaningful. That is why I have been attending other MVP events as well, and I have been really enjoying spending time volunteering with MVP.

Why is community service important to you?
I find myself pretty lucky in life so I love to share my luck to others. Besides, I just truly enjoy helping others. It not only makes me feel good about myself, but also, in a really meaningful way, helps to release my stress from studying.

What was your favorite MVP service event and why?
I like almost every single event MVP provides, especially the Service Nights when I can make cards for the homeless or the patients at hospitals. One of the reasons why I prefer this event is because I personally love making cards. That is when I get to really express my thoughts and how I feel. I'm really excited when I think about how people would feel when they receive the cards.

What advice or suggestions would you give someone who is on the fence about volunteering with MVP?
MVP events usually don't take much time, and they are so enjoyable that time will fly by really fast. If you want to find a way to spend break time from studying, volunteering with MVP is a great option since you will be able to do something meaningful as you contribute your free time to help building a better society.

If you could do any type of service in the world what would your dream service activity be?
I'm not sure if it is too naive or not but I believe that when people feel secure about their financial situation, doing their job won't just be to make a living and to support their family. They will be able to actually enjoy their work; and that way, they can do much better work; and which will help the community get better. That is why I want to become a financial advisor, especially for low-income people, as well as financial mentor for young children.