mvp officers

MVP has seven fee-funded student leader positions which include the Director, Assistant Director, Administrative Chair, Marketing Chair, Annual Service Events Chair, Ongoing Service Events Chair, and On-Campus Service Events Chair. The executive officer team requires hardworking, energetic, and innovative student leaders that capable of spearheading MVP's mission. The complete job descriptions can be found by clicking here. Active members are encouraged to apply.


Sets the direction and vision for MVP, oversees its organizational processes, and build relationships across campus to represent MVP

Chris Pinto
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Classification: Junior
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Finance, Education

Assistant Director

Manages the internal operations of MVP, maintains the budget as well as all financial records of the organization, and works with the chairs to oversee service events

Victoria Li
Hometown: Pawtucket, RI
Classification: Senior
Major: Art
Minor: Education

Administrative Chair

Manages the record keeping, scheduling, and logistics within MVP. The Administrative Chair is also responsible for sending out the weekly newsletter and overseeing MVP Volunteer Fair: Revolution of Heroes.

Emily Johnson
Hometown: Murphy, TX
Classification: Junior
Major: History
Minor: Classical Studies, Global and International Studies, Phronesis and English

Marketing Chair

Responsible for promoting MVP’s service projects by working with UH students, faculty, and staff as well as other student organizations to advance MVP’s mission

Walter Goldsberry
Hometown: Sommerset, NJ
Classification: Sophmore
Major: Integrated Public Relations & Advertising

Annual Service Events Chair

Oversees the coordination of MVP’s larger annual and semester events including Rock the Campus, Rock the Block, and Adopt-a-Beach

Farrah Rahim
Hometown: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Honors Biomedical Sciences

Ongoing Service Events Chair

Plans and oversees MVP’s volunteering opportunities which occur on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis including Community Garden, Houston Food Bank, Generation One, Houston Public Library, and The Beacon

Emily Joslin
Hometown: Killeen, TX
Classification: Senior
Major: Political Science
Minor: Biology

On-Campus Service Events Chair

Plans and oversees MVP’s volunteering opportunities which occur on-campus such as Community Garden and Service Nights.

Fatema Sabir
Hometown: Houston, TX
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Business, Pre-Med Track