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Writing Style


UH offers a wealth of opportunities to students. Altogether, the tremendous potential provided to students produces a brand voice that is straightforward and confident. At UH we don’t need to try to be overly clever or outsmart ourselves to stand out. Our achievements speak for themselves. These personality traits lead to a voice that is succinct, to the point, and generally upbeat.

While the brand voice takes some creative liberty with standard AP writing style, most of what we communicate should adhere to the University’s Editorial Style Guide.

examples of voice writing style


UH is driven and ambitious. The brand’s personality is confident in all that it has to offer, yet grounded in the real world. Together, headlines reflect this persona by being direct and interesting, but not showy and brash. Generally, a UH headline is to the point. We don’t need to rely on heavy wordplay because our stories are strong enough to be impressive on their own.

example of headline tone writing style

Body copy

In UH’s body copy, the tone is honest and authentic. We’re efficient with our body copy. We choose to use shorter, more direct words to make our points clearly and succinctly. We’re “direct” not “verbose.” Our stories and accomplishments speak volumes on their own. We just need to tell them.

example of body copy tone writing style