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Together, these three fonts—League Gothic, with its bold, direct look and feel, Milo with its clean, practical, and yet refined style, and Crimson with its more traditional academic distinction—create an aspirational, approachable, and bold grouping that works well together as a family.

Headline typeface

League Gothic is the headline font in Houston’s brand. It can be used for big typographic moments and is the only brand font that can be used on an upward right slant (skewed) when copy length allows. If League Gothic is skewed it should be in all caps and may have a dropshadow. The angling of League Gothic communicates the progressive and enterprising ideas that the University stands for.

League Gothic

  • League Gothic Regular

To angle the typography in Adobe Illustrator, right click the type, choose transform, and select shear. From there, choose the vertical axis, and type in -8˚.

For instructions on how to create a dropshadow please go here.

League Gothic font family is an open source font and can be downloaded in the download zone.

Secondary typeface

Milo is the secondary headline typeface for the Houston brand. It is also suitable for subheads, pull quotes, and title pages. For situations where legibility must be immediate such as with billboards, it can be used as body copy. In these situations the headlines should appear in all-caps. The overall sentence case of the University of Houston brand suggests approachability. Milo also serves as the primary typeface for web usage.


  • Milo Thin
  • Milo Regular
  • Milo Italic
  • Milo Bold
  • Milo Bold Italic

Milo font family is not an open source font. Please click here to purchase for $69 a font. If you do not have the budget to purchase all five Milo fonts, we recommend that you purchase Milo Regular and Milo Bold first. Milo is not a free font and requires a license for use.

Body copy typeface

Crimson is the primary supporting typeface for the Houston brand. It is suitable for use in body copy and subheads, but it is always used in conjunction with Milo.


  • Crimson Regular
  • Crimson Italic
  • Crimson Semibold
  • Crimson Semibold Italic
  • Crimson Bold
  • Crimson Bold Italic

Crimson font family is an open source font and can be downloaded in the download zone.

Limited use typeface

Alex Brush is a limited use display font in Houston’s brand. It is an option to be used sparingly on materials created for formal events. Some usage examples for this font include black tie events, VIP greetings and holiday cards. This font should not be used with a shadow behind it or in all caps. It should not be used for significant blocks of text. We still encourage the primary use of Milo, League Gothic and Crimson on materials.

Alex Brush

  • Alex Brush Regular

Alex Brush font is a free font and can be downloaded in the download zone.

Equivalent Fonts for Limited MS Office Use

If you are unable to install League Gothic, Milo or Crimson in another computer*, you can use the following Microsoft Office equivalent fonts:

League Gothic Milo Crimson
Impact Trebuchet Times New Roman

*Important: Only use these fonts when you have no other options (e.g. a presentation that is off-campus or shared MS Word document). Do not use on printed pieces.