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Brand Art Samples

The sample pieces were created by various colleges and departments across campus and are samples of the brand's versatility. From a more bold design to a subtle tone, the new brand style allows for a wide design spectrum as showcased below. Each preview image links to the full document. Click the image to view the full verison of the sample.

Law Center Brochure

thumbnails from the Law Center Brochure

President's Report

thumbnails from the President's Report

Honors Areté Magazine

thumbnails from the Honors Areté Magazine

Lamppost Banners

thumbnails from the Lamppost Banners

Arts Leadership

thumbnails from the Arts Leadership program

UH in 4

thumbnails from UH in 4

Theatre and Dance

thumbnails from theatre and dance

UH Big Rocks

thumbnails from uh big rocks one pagers


For more information including exceptions and guidelines for magazine features, see Designing Magazines in the UH Brand.

UH Magazine

thumbnails from the UH Magazine

Inside Bauer

thumbnails from inside bauer

UH Magazine

thumbnails from uh magazine

Research & Innovation Magazine

thumbnails from research and innovation magazine