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Photo Illustration Style

The photo illustration style utilizes current elements of the brand and introduces new and interesting methods to create effective communications. This style accommodates a wide range of design skills, allowing for simple layouts to more complex layered designs. Below are the various elements that make up the illustration style. Transparency effect should not be applied to the UH logos.

Layered graphics and text

Continue to use strong photos that align with the UH brand photography but make sure that the photo has a layout or composition that allows for layering of graphics and text.

Illustration - UH Abroad

Brand typography

Brand typography usage to create interesting text treatments.

Photo with text treatment

Shapes, lines and icons

Use geometric shapes and lines, in addition to icons.

Photo with geometric shapes and icons

Heavy use of transparency

Photo Use of Transparency

Duotones, text and shapes

Photo with duotone example



Instructions on creating duotones and monotones in Adobe InDesign can be found at Resources for Designers.

Smart placement and layering of graphics and text

Smart placement and layering of graphics and text