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A bank of ready-made graphics is available at Use your cougarnet ID to login and download graphic files. As new graphics are created by designers around campus, they will be added to this bank.


The icons in the University of Houston’s brand are single-colored. They are flat shapes used as support in larger illustrations or secondary visuals when used in conjunction with graphic elements. The idea behind the icons is to keep them simplistic and direct in order to make bold visual statements that support the copy. Icons could be used when a photo isn’t available; they are not purely decorative. Icons are not logos and should not be used to identify a department, college or program.

icon examples

Graphic elements

The dimensional boxes show constant forward motion reflecting the aspirational aspect of the brand. Within the brand, directional arrows are used to show the progressive mentality. The constant borders in the design help to ground the content within, relating back to the practical UH, mindset in which enterprising ideas are rooted in the real world.

Dimensional Boxes

examples of dimensional boxes

Directional Arrows and Piping

examples of directional arrows and piping


examples of borders