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Student Calling Cards/Business Cards

Students are encouraged to have business cards among the tools to differentiate themselves as they network and search for career opportunities. Since students are not university employees and are unable to use business cards and other items from the officlal Unvierisity of Houston stationery, Student Calling Cards are available from UH Creation Station and are specifically designed for the needs of students.

sample of student calling cardsample of student calling card


  • Students are responsible for all costs associated with producing their cards at UH Creation Station.
  • UH Creation Station requires a minimum order of 250 cards and at least 7 working days to produce each order.
  • Any change that deviates from the templates need to be approved by University Marketing before being printed.
  • Only official University of Houston logotypes can be used on the front of the cards.

Options for the front of the card include the following:

  • The student's name in bold letters
  • A description of their degree and/or graduation date with an optional field to list any specialty area associated with their degree (accounting, etc.)
  • The student's address (optional)
  • The student's phone number(s)
  • The student's email addresses
  • Up to two URL's (it is highly recommended that students only include websites that directly correlate to their profession, such as a Linked-in account, a website about pertinent research projects, or professional website displaying work the student has generated)

Students can leave the back of the cards blank to save on costs or they have these options:

  • Reproduce their contact information in an alternate language, which may be important for international students, students majoring in a foreign language or international studies programs.
  • List additional contact information such as phone numbers; email addresses, websites or social networking accounts (with or without icons) such as twitter, Linked In or Facebok accounts. Students are advised to only include accounts and information that directly correlate to their profession
  • Print logos of the student groups or professional organizations they are members of. Students may be asked to provide image files and proof from the organization that they have permission to use the logos. Logos cannot be re-created for use on calling cards.

If a student has other pieces of information they would like to include on their calling card, they need to work with UH Creation Station to request approval from University Marketing.