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We want to make working within the brand as easy as possible. After all, it’s crucial that UH communications incorporate the brand to tell our story effectively. The links below provide access to the brand toolkit. You can download logos, templates, photos and icons to help tell your unique part of the UH story.


The University of Houston word mark is the graphic depiction of the name “University of Houston” in a type format. It is one of several official UH logos.

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Our word mark is a one-of-a-kind signature, which identifies our university. Spacing and size have been carefully established and calibrated so that university identity will remain consistent in all applications. If you do not see your word mark here or have questions on logo creation, please contact us at and let us know. For more information on logo usage and trademark information, please click here.


Houston’s brand of photography strives for an in-the-moment feeling. We use portraits, action/group shots and campus/object shots that convey candidness, warmth and approachability. Please click here to view information on photography brand guidelines.

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Photo Release Form

All photographers taking photos on University of Houston property or at University of Houston events must have a signed photo release form for any person who is visibly recognizable in a photograph before the photo can be used. Photo release forms are not required in a crowd scene where no one person is the dominant feature.


The icons in the University of Houston’s brand are single-colored. They are flat shapes used as support in larger illustrations or secondary visuals when used in conjunction with graphic elements. The idea behind the icons is to keep them simplistic and direct to help make bold statements visually and to supplement the copy’s subject matter. Please click here to view information on icon brand guidelines.

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These templates were created for use in the Adobe InDesign software program that most UH computers have. Because they were created in these readily available formats, they are not “true” templates. Items in the templates are not fixed in place. They can be moved around. Please keep this in mind as you use them.

PowerPoint Slides

We’ve created branded templates to make creating presentations clearer, faster, bold and direct. There is a professional and an approachable suite of PowerPoints that can be tailored to your needs. The University of Houston logotype may be replaced by an approved college, division or department logotype.

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