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UH Graphic Standards

A brand is a perception people hold in their minds. It’s more than logos, colors, websites, cheers and chants, traditions or billboards. It’s the reputation, quality, personality and unique attributes of an organization. Our brand is everything people think when they hear the words University of Houston. It is our main vehicle for telling our story. By having a strong, unified brand we shape people’s perception of UH for the better.

This brand, launched in fall 2013, is the next chapter in our story. It blends our rich history with present achievements to move us into a future of excellence.

Our brand strategy

After a lengthy qualitative and quantitative research effort, a positioning statement was created for the University of Houston. This statement, which is the core of our brand, serves as an internal reference to guide marketing communications and would never appear on outward-facing materials.

"The University of Houston is a destination for the driven."

Communicators should strive to always convey this message without explicitly using the phrase in any piece of marketing communications.

Our positioning statement can be proven by stating facts, using examples, and telling specific stories relating to the following proof points:

University Strides

  • Surprising number of top-ranked academic programs
  • Problem-solving research with practical applications
  • Metropolitan campus with the feel of a large traditional campus
  • New leadership focusing on student success as overall rankings rise

Staggering Potential in the City of Houston

  • 4th largest city in the U.S.—and growing
  • Most Fortune 500 companies outside of NYC
  • Largest health system in U.S. (Texas Medical Center)
  • Thriving energy industry
  • International hub
  • More than 6 out of 10 UH alumni stay in Houston after graduation
  • Low cost of living and low unemployment

Self-Starter Mentality

  • Ambitious, entrepreneurial UH grads fuel Houston
  • High percentage of first-generation college students
  • Over 3,500 alumni own or run a business
  • Notable alumni accomplishments in research, sports, the arts, and business