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UH Brand

What is a brand?

It’s everything about an organization that gives people a perception of the organization. Brand is more than just a logo. It’s the reputation, quality, personality and unique attributes of an organization. Our brand is the intersection of what we say about ourselves, how we act, what people think of us, and why we’re different from other higher education institutions.

Who determines the UH brand?

A brand lives in the hearts and minds of people; everyone can have a view and feeling about the UH brand. The Office of Marketing & Communication is tasked with telling the UH story, encouraging a positive perception of UH, and consulting on how the UH brand is implemented to best effect. We all must be good stewards of the UH brand.

Why is a strong brand important for UH?

Simply put, competition. To keep attracting the highest caliber students, award-wining faculty, and dedicated staff, we need to share our unique strengths and opportunities. To encourage donors to invest in our research, construction, and growth, we need to share who we are and why that matters. There are many non-profit institutions to support, but only one University of Houston.

A strong brand makes the university’s contributions and value easy to understand in a genuine way. It also cultivates a personal connection with us, which is necessary for fundraising. People support organizations they feel strongly about.