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Email Signature Guidelines

As one of the most frequently used forms of communication, e-mail messages should serve as a reflection of the institution. Because of the wide variety of formats used by faculty and staff, the university has adopted a standardized signature format to help e-mail signatures reinforce the University’s brand identity, as well as convey important contact information.

University of Houston e-mail signatures should include your name, job title, department name, the name of the university in red, your phone number and e-mail address. This information should be in the font Trebuchet 10 point, black type except the name of the university which should be in red.


Jane Doe, Department Manager
Department Name
University of Houston

Reply signatures and those used on smart phone and tablets should be an abbreviated version of the above.

Jane Doe, Department Manager

Best Practices when creating an E-mail Signature

Mailing Address & Mail Codes
It’s not considered best practice to include a postal address as part of an email signature, but if you wish to, it should go below the email address. You may also list your mail code in this space if you wish.
Most people recognize that the email domain contains your web address. Since some addresses use ‘’ feel free to list the UH web site.
Quotes shouldn’t be used in a university e-mail signature.
Graphics or verbiage that are placed under or alter the email signature format, such as campaign slogans, may be allowed under special circumstances by contacting
Fax numbers
Industry trends indicate it’s no longer necessary to list.
Faculty’s private practice
State rules preclude university employees from using public resources to promote private entities. Please don’t list other employment in your email signature.
Background Color
Please don’t use watermarked, colored, or photographic backgrounds in your emails. They make your message difficult to read and do not render correctly in every email program. White is the only admissible background color.
Professional licenses or certifications
Feel free to add professional designations or certification directly after your name. For example: John Doe, FAIA or Jane Doe, Ph.D.
UH is proud of its alumni, so graduates are welcome to add their grad year directly after their names in the email signature.
While these are very important, the email signature is not the best location to communicate that information.
Confidentiality Clause
If it’s a necessary part of your job to work with confidential information, the confidentiality clause can be included at the bottom of the signature. For example:

Confidentiality Notice: The information in this e-mail may be confidential and/or privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, any review, dissemination, or copying of this e-mail and its attachments, if any, or the information contained herein is prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please immediately notify the sender by return e-mail and delete this e-mail from your computer.

Social Media
If you’d like to include social media links, it shouldn’t be more than two. Usually it’s Facebook and Twitter. Do not include images, only the links.