Houston Area Resources

For support and information, regarding “Coming Out” and other issues related to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual/Pansexual, Transgender, Queer, and/or Questioning identities, for yourself or a friend.

Health Resources

  • Physical and Mental Health
    • Legacy Community Health Services - A health center that provides low- or no-cost health and educational services including testing, counseling, and treatment for STD’s, HIV, and AIDS.
      • Adult Primary Care
      • Pharmacy
      • Pediatrics
      • OB/GYN & Maternity
      • Dental Care
      • Vision
      • Behavioral Health
      • Vaccinations & Immunizations
      • Family Medicine
      • LGBTQ Services
      • HIV/STD Screening & Treatment
    • The Montrose Center - A team of state-licensed clinicians, masters-level therapists, skilled educators, support staff and dedicated volunteers work together to create healthier futures for Houston’s LGBTQ community.
      • Substance Abuse/Recovery Program
      • Counseling
      • Support Groups
      • Emergency Shelter
      • Anti-Violence/Survivor Services
      • Education/Workshops
    • LGBT Switchboard Houston - A 24 hour-hour helpline dedicated to providing information, nonjudgmental support, crisis information intervention and referral services for Houston's LGBT community.
    • Avenue 360 - Provides compassionate health care and social services to residents, regardless of economic status with HIV or AIDS
      • Medical care
      • Behavioral health
    • Lesbian Health Initiative - Provides funding and support for direct access to healthcare for its LGBT clients. This program delivers health insurance education and enrollment assistance, access to a diverse array of no cost health screenings targeting high risk health issues.
    • AssistHers - Provides a network of support to lesbian women struggling with debilitating or life-threatening illnesses in order for them to live as normally as possible.
    • Lambda Center Houston – An LGBTQ Twelve Step Recovery Clubhouse designed to bring hope, healing, and love through the fellowship found in Alcoholics Anonymous/Twelve-Step Recovery.
  • HIV Positive
    • Thomas Street Health Center – A freestanding HIV/AIDS clinic, which provides medical care and psychological and social services to those who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.
    • Legacy Community Health
    • Houston Volunteer Lawyers - Through the Service of the Houston Bar Association, attorneys volunteer their time to provide legal services in civil matters for Houston. This program helps those who cannot get help through other legal aid programs and is based on income eligibility, including the HIV/AIDS community. For the most up-to-date information on the dates and times of their clinic, call (713) 228-0732.
  • Religious Institutions


  • T.R.U.T.H. Project - A nonprofit with a mission to educate and mobilize LGBTQ communities of color and their allies through social arts that promote mental, emotional, and sexual health.
  • Gender Infinity - Gender Infinity offers services for gender diverse and transgender people of all age including community support services, a local conference, and consultations and trainings.
  • Montrose Center - The Montrose Center is a hub for community activity including a volunteer-run café’, rental space, wellness center groups and activities, a cyber center and more!
  • Houston Area Teen Coalition for Homosexuals (HATCH) – is a nonprofit organization that provides a positive environment and support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth 13-21 in the greater Houston area.
  • Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbian and Gays (PFLAG) Houston - Provides support and information for LGBTQ people and those who love them.
  • Organización Latina de Trans en Texas (OLTT - Latina Trans in Texas) - Somos una organización de base comunitaria, conformada por muejers Trans para personas Trans (Transexuales, Transgénero e Intersex) y nuestras aliadas, mantenemos nuestro enfoque de trabajo para la visibilidad y elegibilidad los derechos humanos y el bienestar de nuestra comunidad, mediante el empoderamiento, la organización comunitaria que permita fomentar una incidencia política en equidad e igualdad.
  • CHAA for queer Asian and Pacific Islander people - A collective of Asian American Queer Houstonians committed to intersectional work around our identities, our communities, and fellow communities of color.
  • Iftikhar Community of Texas - A support group that welcomes LGBTQ youth and adult muslims.
  • Save our Sisters - centered towards black trans women (open to all self-identified women)
  • The Houston Intersex Society - Aims to empower and enrich the lives of intersex people while working to end shame and discrimination through education, outreach, and support.
  • Transgender Foundation of America “The TG Center”- Many trans-groups are supported by this center.
  • Houston Transgender Meetup - A collection of transgender inclusive support groups, events, fundraisers, and social gatherings in the greater Houston area.
  • Mayor Turner's LGBTQ Advisory Board -The board exists to serve as a liaison between the LGBTQ community and the Mayor. The Board provides viable recommendations on policies that will advance the social, economic, and political issues of all LGBTQ Houstonians and citizens in the City of Houston, including ending discrimination.
  • EnFocus Strategies - EnFocus Strategies™ supports organizations by providing high quality training and consulting services focused on public affairs and LGBTQ diversity & inclusion.
  • Houston Transgender Unity Committee was formed to promote unity among the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community, and to educate and advocate with open and honest advocacy. The Committee has representation from the six transgendered Houston area organizations. They Offer scholarships and yearly banquet.

Social Services

  • Safe House for All - Offers many social services to the LGBTQ Community such as, fostering, long-term transitional housing, residential treatment, senior housing, education, networking, food outreach, clothing outreach, and music outreach.
  • Tony's Place - A drop-in center focusing on LGBT+ youth up to 25 years of age who are unstably housed, couch surfing or experiencing homelessness. A safe space to access services such as hot meals, showers, laundry, clothing, wi-fi and more, free of charge.
  • Young Adult Resource Center (YARC) - Connects homeless youth adults, ages 18-25, to housing and other mainstream supports while providing respite, emergency meals, job coaching, recovery coaching, and non-traditional educational support, tutoring, and re-engagement.
  • Montrose Grace Place - Every Thursday, MGP opens its doors to homeless youth of all sexual orientaitons and gender identities who are between the ages of 13 and 21 years old. Youth night is an evening of food, mentorship, and skills building. Additionally, a "shop" in our closet of donated supplies and toiletries are available.
  • The Pink Giraffe House - Offers a safe haven for young victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment who need protection and assistance through a mentor project, street outreach, drop-in center, and case management.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Thomas Street - There are several ways to volunteer with Thomas Street including Eligibility & Accessibility Volunteer, Snack Bar Volunteer, Patient Mentor, and Research & Education Volunteer. Contact Ian Todd for more information.
  • Montrose Center – The Montrose Center has many opportunities for individuals and organizations to volunteer including a clerical assistant, youth facilitator, switchboard volunteer, and more! Volunteer application required.