LGBTRC Advisory Board


The purpose of the LGBT Advisory Board is to improve the campus climate for LGBT students, staff and faculty through education and advocacy for LGBT inclusive policies; to carry out activities and projects designed to raise awareness about the LGBT Resource Center Programs; and to generate support for the Center on the campus and in the community. Members will provide input into both short and long term strategic planning to achieve the vision of the LGBT Resource Center.

Name Board Member Since Committee Officer Since
Robert Wimpelberg Fall 2010 R & O  
Guillermo de los Reyes Fall 2010 E & C  
Herb Agan Fall 2010 E & C  
Catherine Essinger Fall 2010 R & P Non-student CoChair Fall 2012
Kenny Mauk Spr 2013 E & C, R & P  
Troy Christensen Fall 2012 E & C, R & P  
Jennifer Smith Fall 2012 E & C Vice Chair Fall 2014
Joi Bartholomew Fall 2014    
Sandra Jacobson Spr 2013 R & O  
Sarah Fishman Fall 2010    
Brian Waddle Fall 2014 R & O, R & P  
Jeremy Edwards Fall2014 E & C, R & O  
Priyank Pillai Fall 2014 R & O  
Liam Stone Fall 2014 E & C co-chair
Jade Boiser Fall 2014 R & O  
Matthew Caballero Spr 2015   Secretary Spr 2015
Treveon Murdock Fall 2014 R & P  
Jose 'Jo' Lopez Fall 2010 R & O  
Nick Brines Spr 2013 R & O  
Lorraine Schroeder Fall 2010 E & C  

R & O – Resources and Operations
E & C – Education and Communication
R & P – Research and Policies